Sunday, July 21, 2013

Internet service but no cellphone service!

We skyped with David tonight, he had no cell phone service but he had internet service so he went on Skype, saw Colleen (my sister) was on so he sent her a message asking her to call me and have me go on skype. And it worked!

He looks really good, relaxed, proud of how things are going so far. It was such a relief to see him and Emmett had a ton of fun talking to him. He emailed us some pictures that I thought I would share with everyone.
This is the roof garden he photographed from in Vancouver, breathing taking view, isn't?

This was often the type of scenery he was looking at while on Cedar Sky HWY, it makes me feel small in the world but so thankful to be here to enjoy it.

Here David is on top of the fire watch tower where he photographed around Wednesday. I guess he camped inside and photographed through the windows which seems cool. What little we can see over his left shoulder, the view looks amazing.

When I asked about this photograph, David said that there is a lot of farm land and he is hoping he is brave enough to ask someone if he can photograph on their property and catch the moon ellipse in a hayfield. It does seem like a beautiful idea.

This wooden man was seen on his way past Prince George, ha! 

I asked David to take candid shots of himself throughout the trip, of course here he is being silly. He was hoping to camp here at Lake Burns however it was quite full, and full of people who were homeless and living a the campground. He found another campground that was still pretty cool.

Another breathtaking view while he is driving.

As I mentioned I think on facebook, we were doing a beer tour as we drove through California and Oregon, so he has continued to tradition however he said B.C. beer is expensive and terrible so he bought beer from Montreal.

He is off toward Watson Lake tomorrow. And thank you to everyone who continues to keep him in your prayers for safe travels.

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