Saturday, March 9, 2013

91 yr old soliciting sex?

Ok so I caught your eye, let me tell you this funny interaction I had the other day at work. I was working up in acute which I don't do very often and was blessed enough to work with a very hilarious 91yr old woman. She was so witty, telling story after story to the point where we were both in tears we were laughing so hard. There was one story I want to share with you, the most shocking. So shock warning!

This wonderful woman, we will call her B, tells me she lives in an assisted living. Assisted livings, you should know are very expensive, about $4,000/mo. This of course includes rides to appointments, all three meals, assistance with bathing if you need it, help with your laundry and more but still very expensive. Well B and her best friend were having a hard time meeting their bills each month, so B's best friend came up with a scam. She decided she would lure men into her room offering sex. While the men were excited and undressing she would steal their money and then kick them out without their clothes on!

I of course was shocked and asked, 'how in the world did she get away with this.' Well B said, these men couldn't remember one minute from the next so they often would look around confused about why they were standing in the hall without their pants on, put their clothes back on and walk off.

B and her friend since then have been caught, scolded and told to return the money but that is a pretty clever scam.

The people I meet, the things I learn.