Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Oma and Bamboo have arrived!

We are so excited and blessed to have Oma and Bamboo here for a week, (David's parents).

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Devil's Canyon

 Emmett and I got to join friends for a short hike in Devil's Canyon today, it was a perfect day for a hike, a picnic and seeing some cattle since we were on Bureau of Land Management land.

BLM land is open for the public to use for hiking, camping, allowing your animals to graze so sometimes you are hiking and come upon a group of cattle which is a little odd for me.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

An old post I just found: Trees!

Today Austin and Missy came home with a surprise...Trees! But, not just any trees; they were fruit trees. They had been talking about putting trees in for a while, and today they found a local nursery that had fruit trees that were affordable, so they got four! One of each of: cherry, apple, peach and plum. We promptly dug four holes and planted the trees using the compost we have been making. Everyone helped out:

I dug the holes Alison added the dirt mix

Austin and Missy planted

Hiking in the Desert

When hiking in the desert there are some things that we are quickly learning.
1. Drink, drink, drink...water that is. Even when it isn't hot it's so dry that dehydration comes on fast. Which means you drink on the way to the hike, while you hike, when you rest, while your hiking more, on the way home and when you get home. Even then you sometimes don't pee for a while, it's totally crazy. But worth it.
2. Always carry pliers just incase someone miss steps and gets a visit from some cactus thorns. Usually this is Olive but occasionally David or I get attacked by the lovely "Teddy Bear Cholla" a cactus that's name would make you think "how soft and cuddly" but be forewarned.
3. Sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses are a necessity even in February!
4. Watch out for the many poisonous creatures that blend into the background - scorpions, rattlesnakes, tarantulas
5. Keep your eyes peels for the fuzzier but just as dangerous animals - bobcats, mountain lions, mule deer and the list goes on
6. Different from New England, almost everyone here will strike up a conversation with you so plan extra time for your hike
7. Check the weather even though 99% of the time it say it's going to be sunny, dust storms blow in quicker than we ever thought.
8. Bring a map, even though 99% of the time you can see your car the whole hike and see the trail in the distance all the way to your destination because the vegetation is so low to the ground. But a map is necessary because there are so many random trails that pop up it can be hard to stay on the one you planned to.
9. Hike in the early early morning in the summer (get off the mountain by 8am or you will burn to a crisp), and in the late morning/afternoon in the winter
10. Names to all different types of desert vegetation - teddy bear cholla, joshua trees, saguaro, organ pipe cactus, barrel cactus, prickly pear, ocotillo, yucca, rainbow cactus, hedge hog cactus, pin cushion cactus and so many more.

Come visit and we'll take you on some pretty mind blowing hikes!!!

Spring Is Here

So it has been cool here the last 6wks, meaning high 30's or low 40's at night, 40's to 50's during the day, not that cold compares to home but cooler than usual. At this time of year there are specials are car dealerships usually if the temperature goes above 90, not even close this year. But it has been beautiful!

I started my day with 'truck pull,' which today was a car push because we had no truck available but the weather was perfect. 510 yards each, we pushed this car through four different suicides and it was 55 degrees out!

I then enjoyed a couple hours outside with Emmett, running to the library and hardware store, eating a mid morning snack at Mesa Arts Center and curling our toes in the grass at the MAC gardens.

Emmett is now sleeping while I clean the house, airing it out before my in-laws arrive tomorrow for the week.