Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I know, I know, everyone keeps telling me, update your blog!! So here it is, Dec 28th, a couple days after a big snow dump on MA/Eastern US and David and I are so happy for all the blessings we have in our life. We just spent a wonderful weekend with my family, celebrating Christmas and relaxing. We celebrated with extended family the life of my father's crazy cousin Rookie who sadly passed away the weekend before Christmas but lives in grand, hilarious memories in all our hearts and minds. We will be able to spend sometime with David's family later this week to celebrate Christmas together. And of course there is this little boy growing inside me, unbelievable right!!!

Our son is growing rapidly and quickly making tying my shoes much harder and all my clothes now say Motherhood or something like this on the inside tag. I don't know if I'm ready for this yet but he's coming. It's so crazy!!! David continues to be so wonderful and supportive, helping out with everything around the house and all the errands, of course it also helps that he's on vacation right now. However despite vacation he's been busy keeping up with me and getting ready to send in his grad school applications.

That's right, David's still applying to grad school even with a baby on the way (Univ of New Mexico, Arizona State Univ and Mass Art). I know we are slightly crazy but we expect you all to visit and be full time babysitters when you come. :-) We'll find out where he is accepted and make a decision on where we are going just about the time that the new babe arrives. Busy month of April!!

But even with all this celebrating, work, school, applications...we still find time to play. The weekend before Christmas we went up to Warren, VT to a beautiful b&b just south of Burlington for a long weekend. It was so beautiful. With some snow and sunny days, we enjoyed some hikes, visiting with friends, good food and lots of relaxing.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Our little boy is healthy and kicking!!!

I am doing well, still feeling sick in the morning but the medication is making a huge difference and I finally have some energy to hang out with people. David is doing great, super excited and always toting on me. Below is some great pictures of our babe, a profile picture and evidence of it being a him!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Beartown State Forest

David, Olive and I were finally able to get out of the city and into the woods to soak in some fresh air at Beartown State Forest in western MA. We were able to catch the tail end of the foliage and some last warm rays of sun.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Family Portrait Day!

Last weekend the Lier's when to Portland, ME for the day for a family portrait session and great food for David's birthday. We ate at DuckFat, which is an awesome panini shop, famous for their french fries made in DuckFat. David and I shared an amazing ratouille panini with smoked squash soup. And at Peppercorn where we enjoyed an amazing 4 course meal with salmon cakes, salad, cream of celery soup, haddock w/ crab and blueberry cheesecake. So delicious. Highly recommend both restaurants!

The family shoot took place in the early evening by a wonderful photographer, Erinn in this great park in downtown Portland. She has a preview of some of the photos on her website which came out great. http://bluebirdbaby.typepad.com/freyaphotography/. Once all have made edited I can post more directly on our blog, but I would definitely recommend checking out her site and working with her if you get a chance, she was so fun to work with.

4mo and counting!

Things are great on the baby end! We had our 16wk appointment and listened to the heart beat on the dopplar, it was so awesome to listen to, really fast and loud. David didn't get to come thought because he was sick so my midwife called him and left a message of only the heart beat. For those of you who know David really well you can assume this didn't go as planned, he deleted the message thinking someone had called him from a train by accident.

I also am feeling much better. I was put on Zolfran, a medication to help with nausea and vomitting which is making a huge difference and is finally allowing me to eat what I want and gain some weight (#5). For a while the only things I could eat in the morning were: potato chips, coca cola, pizza, things I like occasionally but not ever day for breakfast.

And we own our first piece of baby clothing! It's the cutest Patriots onsie jersey, with Wes Welker's name and number. Maryka and Nick gave it to us and we are both so excited!! More updates to come soon! November 5th we'll be having another ultrasound and are going to learn the sex, oh my gosh!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Baby Pictures!!

We don't know if the babe is a boy or girl but we know it has 5 fingers on at least one hand!!
I think he/she is sucking it's thumb here, I don't know if that's possible but it sure looks like it.

So crazy right, I can't believe this living being is growing inside me. It's been good so far, I have been super sick so I finally asked my midwife after 8wks of throwing up almost every day to be put on something, so I'm taking Zolfran and it's a life saver!!! This Wednesday we have a check up and then the big date is Nov 3rd when we find out the sex, ahhh!!! Keep you all posted

Monday, July 19, 2010

Fun without a Camera

Well we are cameraless this summer because I made the mistake of leaving it ontop of our zipcar one night, but despite no camera David and I still are having a blast this summer and definitely keeping busy. Last weekend we got to go on a 5 day camping trip with my family (minus my brother who just moved to DC and the addition of Colleen's boyfriend Tim).

There is something about camping, and camping in Franconia Notch. I love it up there, it's so beautiful, the energy is great, the air smells good and I always have fun when I'm up there. We camped in a little family campground near Franconia center. And made sure to enjoy all the fun activities: wiffle ball, biking, hiking, swimming, grilling. My mom packed food for an army and we ate like kings and queens. Amazing.

We all completed the 9mi loop up and down Lafayette which was absolutely amazing. All very tired at the end of the day but went out for some good food right in town and enjoyed some beer and the Red Sox game. Oh and my mom, sister and I went shopping at Garnett Hill Outlet. Got some awesome dresses, horray. Looking forward to enjoying the area again in August with David's family. Until next post, enjoy these photos I stole from my sister. And I'll do my best to post more often :-)
Headed toward Lonesome Lake right near Kinsman Falls

Biking to and from the Basin
Near the top of Lafayette. Olive did awesome, very sure on her feet!!!
Slept like a rock at night, perfect for our small tent.
Don't know why this is so small but this is at the top of Lafayette
Near the end of Lafayette waiting for our parents
We made it, tired, sweaty and dirty but all smiles

Friday, June 4, 2010

Alaska, the great land

David and I recently had the chance to go to Alaska for a week to visit friends and do some site seeing, it was so wonderful and everything was just as beautiful as I remember it as a kid when I lived there. Plus it was awesome to see some really great friends that I haven't seen in a while.

Downtown Anchorage during a week day, quiet, clean and a pretty.

We did a lot of driving because Alaska is so big, between towns of interest you drive through really beautiful country, which meant a lot of great pictures from the car like this one on the way to Girdwood and Seward both south of Anchorage. Girdwood was where we went to go skiing and hang out with friends a lot on the weekends.

Walking on the bike path, Anchorage has a whole network of bike paths in the city along the coast and the culture for bikers is great, I have fond memories of biking for hours on these paths as a kid. On the right in this picture is our good friend Vivian, a crazy awesome girl and her dog Sweatpants, a very sweet and beautiful pittbull.

Moose are everywhere in the city especially this time of year when the trees are budding at sea level and there is still snow in the mountains. We saw nine moose and the Renfro's, Vivian's family talks about them like we talk about deer, usually the pest who eats our garden.

David looking dashing at the beach, just had to put this in because he's so handsome.

Love this picture too, we are the cutest :-)

Vivian and I super excited to see each other after so many years and sweatpants having a blast on the beach.

We attempted a short walk through the woods one day along the Old Seward Highway, however on the way in we were warned by some old friends we ran into that a bear and 2 cubs were just off the trail about 2mi up and then we started walking and 1/2mi in a moose was standing right next to the trail and well that was enough for us to turn around :-( Oh big wild animals, you never know what they are going to do.

On the trail after seeing the moose, and Sweatpants wishing we would let him chase the moose.

Beer, beer and more beer. We went up thinking we'll be hiking a whole bunch but with all the snow we ended up eating tons of good fish and drinking lots of microbrew beer, which is fine with me! This is taken at Midnight Brewery in Anchorage, so good.

THE BAKE SHOP!!! This is the best breakfast place ever, it's in Girdwood and Vivian would take me here all the time as kids cause it was right down the street in the little ski town from her house and the breakfast food was awesome. And I don't think the place had changed a bit since 6th grade. It was sooo very good.

The outside of The Bake Shop, literally sitting at the bottom of Alyeska the ski mountain.

In Seward, south of Anchorage. Vivian being her self. This town 4x in population (it might even be more) the weekend of July 4th because of a race called the Mountain Marathon, tons of people run, and you run straight up this mountain which I've hiked and it's hard to hike and then down a gravel shute. It's quite the race and tons of people come to watch and camp. It's a lot of fun. But when we were there it was the quiet typical day in Seward.

Us attempting a jumping pictures

At the Seward Sealife Center, even the animals are big up there

Hiking up flat top, a great hike right in Anchorage, couldn't make it to the top because of snow

Close to the top of Flat Top :-) with Vivian and Sweatpants

Saturday Market in Anchorage where you can find great food, gear and music

Tom, Anne and myself, good family friends

At Anne and Tom's Cabin just north of Palmer, AK. Such a beautiful place, surrounded by mountains and quiet, sleeping in a loft, warmth by fire place, food by grill, soaking in a paddle hot tub, it was a great way to close our visit to Anchorage with a night to ourselves.

Canoeing in the valley at the cabin, tons of birds nesting right in the reeds at water side

The view from the porch at the cabin

The view on the drive back to from Anne and Tom's cabin to Anchorage

Overall it was an awesome trip!! We had a great time, saw some good friends, made some new friends, saw some great sites, ate good food and drank good drinks. Sad to have had only 6 days there :-(

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Cutest Video Ever!

Here is a video I took of our dog Olive wrestling with my brother's dog Orange while we were dog sitting him this past week. Stick around for the full minute and forty two seconds, it gets better and better (spooning is involved). Enjoy!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Since Thanksgiving

What have we been up to, well a lot I guess

Making Beer!!!! We made this amazing winter warmer which we enjoyed all holiday season.

Backpacking right before Thanksgiving and we carried up a whole Thanksgiving meal which was amazing, sadly though David couldn't join us.
Visiting Ian and Brooke (David's cousin and his wife) in New Orleans after Thanksgiving which was amazing!!!

The levees that broke at the ninth ward have now been fixed however only a 1/5 of the houses have been replaced, sadly
Ian at work, he's the director of operations for the Saints.
At the Saints vs Patriots game
Brooke and her friends and myself
Olive, the best Christmas present ever!!!
Colleen, Pat and I on Christmas morning
Olive recovering from a fun filled weekend

Lier Christmas

Mary and Jesse visit the states