Sunday, January 31, 2010

Since Thanksgiving

What have we been up to, well a lot I guess

Making Beer!!!! We made this amazing winter warmer which we enjoyed all holiday season.

Backpacking right before Thanksgiving and we carried up a whole Thanksgiving meal which was amazing, sadly though David couldn't join us.
Visiting Ian and Brooke (David's cousin and his wife) in New Orleans after Thanksgiving which was amazing!!!

The levees that broke at the ninth ward have now been fixed however only a 1/5 of the houses have been replaced, sadly
Ian at work, he's the director of operations for the Saints.
At the Saints vs Patriots game
Brooke and her friends and myself
Olive, the best Christmas present ever!!!
Colleen, Pat and I on Christmas morning
Olive recovering from a fun filled weekend

Lier Christmas

Mary and Jesse visit the states