Sunday, July 21, 2013

David's Map

I spoke with David last night on the phone, he is doing very well. He was sitting by the fire, all his photo equipment set up for the moon shot, enjoying some bourbon.

He is missing everyone very much but he also is meeting some very nice people. He enjoyed chatting with a gentleman, who I believe he said was from Finland but I could be mistaken. This young man borrowed his hatchet to chop wood and chopped some for David as well hence sitting by the fire with bourbon.

The next two days David is planning on trying to find a motel to stay one night to be able to skype with Emmett and myself as well as shower. Emmett is not a big fan of talking on the phone but last night he did say 'I love you' to David when I put him on speaker phone.

Below is the map that David left me that I am updating as he goes, writing some short stories, tagging where he is staying. I believe by posting the URL here, you can all see it and keep up where he is as well.

Please keep him in your prayers.,-127.617187&spn=2.70117,6.679688

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