Sunday, August 4, 2013

Heading South!

David is officially heading home but of course heading home is relative. He is still way up in Yukon, Canada. I did talk to him last night and he sounds wonderful! He is not photographing the moon this week, still photographing but without the moon being apart of it he can sleep and relax some.

Two nights ago he had a wonderful evening at a home near Whitehorse that belong to a couple that met him camping in Alaska. The couple was gracious enough to offer him a place to stay and he enjoyed a delightful evening with them and their 18month old. From them we learned the total population of the Yukon is 32,000! That is smaller than the town we grew up in and the Yukon Territory is larger than Washington State. They also did not have running water in their home until just two years ago!

 David also shared some stories from the infamous highway north of fairbanks where he was warned to bring two spare full size tires, extra gas, and know that it is very expensive to be rescued if things went wrong. He said that the highway was in better shape up there than some of the paved highway he had driven on south of Fairbanks. He said that most of what he saw was incredible trucks carrying equipment north to oil drilling, most of them oversized. This is the highway that the reality TV show, Ice Road Truckers, films on a lot.
During his trip David has seen quite a selection of wildlife including a moose and her calves, a black bear and her cubs, bald eagles, hawks, and deer. No grizzly bears thankfully!

Tonight he will be staying at Laird Hot Springs which everything I read about says it is beautiful, it is a natural hot springs/river that you can enjoy and may even enjoy with some wildlife as well. Many visitors write that they had visits from moose, buffalo and bears while soaking. David is thankful to be heading home and we are officially past the 1/2 way mark.

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