Saturday, October 29, 2011

Emmett and Alison's Big Adventure

410 miles, leaving during Phoenix rush hour, driving through the desert alone with a 6 monthold and at night, I might be crazy, but despite it sounding crazy it was really great. Emmett and I went to Los Angeles, CA last weekend to visit good friends of David and mine from high school. It was a ton of fun especially since it wascool, foggy and cloudy which we haven't seen since May.

Emmett and I enjoyed Mary and Jesse's hospitality, taking us
down to the beach, up and down Main St in Santa Monica where we enjoyed excellent cappucino and a stroll through UCLA campus where Jesse is studying to get his PhD. We also enjoyed and amazing dinner at a vegan
restaurant in downtown Santa Monica, I believe it was called Real Food Diner (RFD), it was delicious!!!!

Sunday Mary, Emmett and I went down to the Farmer's Market to enjoy some fresh coffee, fresh food, fresh grass and Courtney's company. And then Mary joined us for the drive back to Phoenix which was a great drive and made for a fun week when she was visiting.


David, Emmett, Olive and I have had a very busy October with wonderful visits from family and friends. My parents came for about 10 days and despite everyone getting sick except me during
that time we had a wonderful time visiting, hiking, exploring, enjoying the cooler weather and eating. We went north about 2hrs to Payson, AZ which is a beautiful evergreen forest for miles and miles. We also went hiking in Phoenix on South Mountain which is the largest inner citypark in the United States.

The week after my parents left, Wendy was in Scottsdale, AZ for a conference and we were able to get together for dinner one evening and enjoy a local vegan restaurant, Green, near her hotel.
We are hoping next year when she comes for the conference
her and my brother will visit for the weekend.

We then had a wonderful visit from Mary who now lives in LA with our good friend Jesse who happens to be her husband. Emmett and I went to visit them for the weekend in LA. I know I'm sort of crazy driving 400mi through the desert by myself with a 6mo old but it was a great drive, Emmett did awesome and our weekend there was amazing. For the drive home Mary came with us and spent a couple days in Phoenix and then flew back to LA on Wed. I'll post a separate blog for Emmett and my big adventure to LA.

Right now we feel reguvenated from our visits because we miss everyone so much but we are also enjoying our first slow weekend in weeks; Emmett is loving lounging in his early Christmas present from my parents, while we are thoroughly enjoying the cooler weather and being able to be outside with Emmett and Olive.