Sunday, October 17, 2010

Family Portrait Day!

Last weekend the Lier's when to Portland, ME for the day for a family portrait session and great food for David's birthday. We ate at DuckFat, which is an awesome panini shop, famous for their french fries made in DuckFat. David and I shared an amazing ratouille panini with smoked squash soup. And at Peppercorn where we enjoyed an amazing 4 course meal with salmon cakes, salad, cream of celery soup, haddock w/ crab and blueberry cheesecake. So delicious. Highly recommend both restaurants!

The family shoot took place in the early evening by a wonderful photographer, Erinn in this great park in downtown Portland. She has a preview of some of the photos on her website which came out great. Once all have made edited I can post more directly on our blog, but I would definitely recommend checking out her site and working with her if you get a chance, she was so fun to work with.

4mo and counting!

Things are great on the baby end! We had our 16wk appointment and listened to the heart beat on the dopplar, it was so awesome to listen to, really fast and loud. David didn't get to come thought because he was sick so my midwife called him and left a message of only the heart beat. For those of you who know David really well you can assume this didn't go as planned, he deleted the message thinking someone had called him from a train by accident.

I also am feeling much better. I was put on Zolfran, a medication to help with nausea and vomitting which is making a huge difference and is finally allowing me to eat what I want and gain some weight (#5). For a while the only things I could eat in the morning were: potato chips, coca cola, pizza, things I like occasionally but not ever day for breakfast.

And we own our first piece of baby clothing! It's the cutest Patriots onsie jersey, with Wes Welker's name and number. Maryka and Nick gave it to us and we are both so excited!! More updates to come soon! November 5th we'll be having another ultrasound and are going to learn the sex, oh my gosh!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Baby Pictures!!

We don't know if the babe is a boy or girl but we know it has 5 fingers on at least one hand!!
I think he/she is sucking it's thumb here, I don't know if that's possible but it sure looks like it.

So crazy right, I can't believe this living being is growing inside me. It's been good so far, I have been super sick so I finally asked my midwife after 8wks of throwing up almost every day to be put on something, so I'm taking Zolfran and it's a life saver!!! This Wednesday we have a check up and then the big date is Nov 3rd when we find out the sex, ahhh!!! Keep you all posted