Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I know, I know, everyone keeps telling me, update your blog!! So here it is, Dec 28th, a couple days after a big snow dump on MA/Eastern US and David and I are so happy for all the blessings we have in our life. We just spent a wonderful weekend with my family, celebrating Christmas and relaxing. We celebrated with extended family the life of my father's crazy cousin Rookie who sadly passed away the weekend before Christmas but lives in grand, hilarious memories in all our hearts and minds. We will be able to spend sometime with David's family later this week to celebrate Christmas together. And of course there is this little boy growing inside me, unbelievable right!!!

Our son is growing rapidly and quickly making tying my shoes much harder and all my clothes now say Motherhood or something like this on the inside tag. I don't know if I'm ready for this yet but he's coming. It's so crazy!!! David continues to be so wonderful and supportive, helping out with everything around the house and all the errands, of course it also helps that he's on vacation right now. However despite vacation he's been busy keeping up with me and getting ready to send in his grad school applications.

That's right, David's still applying to grad school even with a baby on the way (Univ of New Mexico, Arizona State Univ and Mass Art). I know we are slightly crazy but we expect you all to visit and be full time babysitters when you come. :-) We'll find out where he is accepted and make a decision on where we are going just about the time that the new babe arrives. Busy month of April!!

But even with all this celebrating, work, school, applications...we still find time to play. The weekend before Christmas we went up to Warren, VT to a beautiful b&b just south of Burlington for a long weekend. It was so beautiful. With some snow and sunny days, we enjoyed some hikes, visiting with friends, good food and lots of relaxing.