Tuesday, February 17, 2009

MVC Championships- H.S. Indoor Track

Colleen running the 1000m
This past weekend I had a awesome time watching my sister and her teammates run in MVC Championships at Reggis Lewis Center in Roxbury, MA. Colleen competed in three events: long jump, 1000m, and 4x400m. She ended up placing and receiving points for her teammates in all 3 events which was awesome, helping Andover Girls stay in 4th place. She came in 5th for long jump, not the best for her but helpful, and the 4x400 team not being as strong as in the past 3 years placed 3rd, missing some key runners for the team. The past three years at this race the 4x400 girls team have won. And the biggest race for Colleen was the 1000m, the past 3 years there hasn't been a lot of competiton for her to run against but this year there were two girls who both had close times, making her both nervous and hyped up to run. She did awesome, came out strong and held them both off, finishing first and running a 3:03:14. It was a great race to watch. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Kerrick running the 4x200m

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Winter Love the Lier's

From left to right: Andrew, Henry, and Sarah Carlson-Lier, Christopher Lier, Maryka Lier, Roger and Marcia Lier,Gini Andrews,
Alison and David Shannon-Lier, Jessica and Andrew Thistlethwaite