Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mary's Birthday Present

Recently a close friend MT, who now lives in Liverpool, England, turned 24 and I decided to brave the sewing machine again and attempt to make her a messenger bag for her birthday. I think overall it came out pretty good and hopefully it will hold up for a while. But I wanted to share it with everyone because I am super proud of it and she has now received it so it won't give away the secret.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The First BBQ of the Spring

David grilling the Kebabs

Despite this blog not being posted until the 21st of April, it has been warm enough on a couple of occasions for us to enjoy eating outdoors and David and I decided to take advantage of that and making Kebabs for our Monday Garden Street meal last week. It was a wonderful dinner, everyone enjoying good company, good weather, good food and drink. Even Theo and Emma were able to join us for the evening.Theo & Emma

Most of the Garden Street House: Austin, Natalie, Theo, Emma, Missy, our good friend Dan, Thomas, David and Alison is taking the picture

Monday, April 20, 2009

REI garage sales Rock!!!!

Our new B.O.B. road trailer all put together

So David and I recently purchased a bicycle trailer for our ride to Hamilton, Ontario this summer and when we went to REI to pick it up we happened to arrive during the last 20min of an REI garage sale. Of course I never have any luck at these garage sales, nothing is ever my size or I can never find two of a pair, but this time David and I made out like bandates getting $300 worth of gear for $18, along with picking up our awesome new trailer which we have so far only used to pick up pizza for dinner but it worked great!!!David putting together the trailer with only minor difficulties

Our $300 worth of gear: a pair of $90 keen sandals that I have wanted for years for $3, 2 sets of hiking pools each worth $100 that were purchased for $12 because one in each set was "broken" and my handy husband easily fixed them when wegot them home, and a pair of $40 gloves that are perfect for biking in during chili weather for $3. What an awesome trip to REI

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Family friends and neighbors Deb & Pete , my sister Colleen, my mom, and family friend June @ my parents house
June, my dad's cousins John, Billy and Jane @ my parent's house for dinner
The Rule Police for the Easter Hunt: David, aunt Gini and Nancy @ the Lier's
Amy, Christopher & Jessica going through their loot that was found during the hunt and partaking in the "forced share" (i.e. everyone get's one chocolate bar and a present with their name on it)
The famous Lier Easter hunt

Well it's been a whole week since Easter but there is always more time to celebrate Easter because it is an amazing day and a wonderful event to celebrate. Easter, along with Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Why? Because it has this amazing feeling of coming together and praising the lord for his blessings and gifts. Now this may be true with Christmas as well however I feel that during the season of Christmas the message gets lost in all the gifts and trees and events that happen but with Easter I feel the Lord's gift in the air. It makes me so happy and every year it is a wonderful day filled with joy and celebration.

This year David and I spent the morning with the Lier's, joining them at Church in Cambridge and then conversation over appetizers, drinks and the traditional Lier Easter hunt before heading to my parent's house for dinner with friends and family and a relaxing evening. It was a wonderful day. I hope you are able to thank the Lord for the many blessings he has given you in the recent past.