Saturday, September 27, 2008

The baby sister turns 18!!!!!

I can't believe it, my baby sister turns 18 this week. It's so crazy to think how fast life is going by now that we are older.

We went out and celebrated last week with my family. Colleen requested to go to Fire & Ice in Harvard Sq for dinner, so we all made the trek into town in the rain. It was so much fun, despite being exhausted from the week's work. My brother and his girlfriend Wendy came (pic below), along with my parents and my sister's boyfriend, Kerrick.

The food was great, and it was fun to be able to be creative with each dish. It's so crazy how big the grill is for frying everything. We all ate way to much of course because that's what happens at a buffet. And then we of course ordered dessert: Peanut Butter Pie and Double Chocolate Cocoa Cake.

Overall the night was successful, Colleen was giddy until she fell asleep on the way home.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Extra Extra, David and Alison have a new blog!!!

Hey everyone, we have finally given in to the blog cult and will now update you weekly about our daily doings. Are you all excited, I bet you are! What have we been up to for the last year, you ask? Oh nothing....

and went to Prince Edward Island for our Honeymoon
lived in Boston for a year, had our own apartment

David worked for a high end painting company called Catchlight
David turned 23
we went on our first backpacking
trip in Oct
we celebrated our first holidays as husband and wife, and decorated our first Christmas tree
we summitted Mt Adams in February with our frien
ds John and Julie
Alison made it through her 5th year of school and graduated from undergrad with a u
seless degree in rehab science and immediately started grad school the following Monday working in Dorchester for her first clinical
Alison turned 23
David supported Alison through a long and rewarding last season of Ultimate frisbee at Northeastern University ending with going to National's in Colorado
we played ultimate frisbee with a coed ultimate team called "Captain Lemoneer's and the Danger Whales and the Fire Bears and the Rockchuck Mystery" and went undefeated.
Alison worked at a bakery in JP to make some extra money and become expert coffee maker
We played in a beach tournament in Wildwood, NJ
We celebrated our best friend's (Mary and Jesse's) wedding and sadly sent them off to Liverpool, England where they are starting their new life together
We packed our little home up and moved it all to Lawrence, MA

We went on a family vacation for a week in NH and went biking, hiking and kayaking at the end of August with Alison's family
Flew straight to Seattle, WA to
spend a week with David's sister Maryka
We returned to Lawrence to our new home to tons of boxes and new friends
We celebrated Alison's cousin's marriage, Mike who married Linda
Alison has started her second clinical at a hospital in Lawrence
David is painting and hoping to spend more time on his photography

Until next time...